Only 1 in 3 orthodontists
is board certified
Choose wisely.
Your smile matters.
Choose a Board Certified Orthodontist
Set yourself apart
from the start.
Achieve board certification now.
Put your certification
to work for you.
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A board certified orthodontist is committed to the highest level of care. Find an ABO certified orthodontist by searching below.

Latest News & Events

    ABO Examinations
  • Sept. 16-20, 2015 Clinical Exam
        St. Louis, MO
  • Feb. 23-27, 2016 Clinical Exam
        St. Louis, MO
  • April 12-15, 2016 Written Exam
        U.S. and Canada
  • Sept . 27 – Oct. 1, 2016 Clinical Exam
        St. Louis, MO

  • Upcoming Events
  • May 15-20, 2015 AAO 115th Annual Session
        San Francisco, CA
  • July 17-21, 2015 CDABO
        Avon, Colorado
  • July 31-Aug. 2, 2015 GORP
        St. Louis, MO

Why Certification Matters

Board certification represents the highest level of commitment in orthodontics. It differentiates professionals - protecting the public and advancing the field of orthodontics. Learn more.

General Public: Board certified orthodontists are committed to providing the highest level of care. Learn the difference.

Orthodontic Residents: Board certification helps set you apart as you begin your career. The ABO is here to support you throughout residency. We know you’re the future of our specialty. Check out our study tools and online resources.

Board Certified Orthodontists: Certification distinguishes you from dentists and others. Look for our new toolkit to help set yourself apart.

AAO Annual Session
May 15 – 19, 2015
ABO Booth (located in South Lobby of Convention Center)
ABO Case Display Room (located in room #206)

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Board Certification. It makes a difference – for you, for your practice, for our specialty.

Sample Brochure. Your Smile Matters

Dentist, Orthodontist, Board Certified Orthodontist…What’s the difference?

Infographic. “What is the difference?”

Check out the ABO’s new toolkit and other resources to support your practice.
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