Digital Models

Pretreatment, Interim* and Posttreatment digital models may now be submitted to the ABO.  Pretreatment and Interim digital models may be used as substitutes for physical casts.  Posttreatment digital models are currently only accepted when accompanied by either plaster models or a 3D printed stereolithic reproduction of the occlusal result (see Digital Model and 3D Printing Requirements).


All digital models are only accepted in universal file formats (PLY, STL, or OBJ) that are also compliant to a specific orientation and internal construction as described in the Digital Model and 3D Printing Requirements.


If you cannot produce hard models, please contact your digital model provider for conversion to an ABO compliant universal file format. If the models are not acceptable through the ABO Model Conversion Utility in orientation or in internal construction, you must report this and any error messages directly to your digital model provider.


All digital model providers were notified of the new ABO specifications in April 2013 and have been offered the opportunity to test their product using the ABO Model Conversion Utility. According to the ABO Vendor Policy, any commercial enterprise may offer a product or service intended to aid the examinee in completing ABO examinations. The ABO does not endorse, nor guarantee or warrant, any product's performance or compatibility with ABO standards. The commercial enterprise may accompany its offer with the following statement:

This product has been developed using current standards for examinations of The American Board of Orthodontics as published at


The following scanners are compliant with the universal file formats (PLY, STL or OBJ) and meet the current standards listed in the Digital Model and 3D Printing Requirements.


         3shape’s Trios 3D intraoral scanner and Convince 3D

         Align’s iTero intraoral scanner and OrthoCAD iCast

         Carestream Dental's CS 3500 and CS 3600 intraoral scanners

         Motion View’s Ortho Insight 3D

         GeoDigm’s eModel

         Dentsply Sirona CEREC Omnicam


*Digital interim models are acceptable between Phase 1 and Phase 2 treatment provided all active appliances are removed prior to impression taking.