Banking Completion Options

Eligibility and Requirements

At the conclusion of the February 2019 examination, Examinees who have initiated the Case-based Clinical Examination (ICE) and have fewer than 3 cases "banked" will be required to sign up for the new Scenario-based Oral Examination. 


Examinees who have initiated the Case-based Clinical Examination (ICE) and have 3 or more cases “banked” are eligible for the below examination options.


Each examinee is given a 10-year time period form the time they initiated the Clinical Examination to complete all necessary components in order to successfully become board certified. 


Online Board Case Exam (BCE) Option:

Examinee is required to complete the number of online Board Case Exams (BCEs) to match the remaining number of Incomplete/Unsubmitted cases until a total of 6 is met. The BCE Study Guide may be found here.


Complete one (1) online Board Case Exam (BCE) per missing case



Mail-in Case Option:

Examinee is required to mail-in their remaining cases for review until they have completed a total of 6 (original required categories) cases complete. 


Components and Criteria


1. Case Report Examination (CRE) for one (1) case submitted by mail.  The patient source requirements are as follows:


-One (1) case treated by the examinee from their clinical orthodontic practice (residency cases are accepted if graduation date is dated within 24 months).

-Full-time orthodontic educators, who have met all other requirements, may present a case that the educator directly supervised while teaching within a CODA approved orthodontic program. The supervised case may not include a case that has been, or will be, presented to the ABO by a resident of the orthodontic program.