Electronic Cast Radiograph Evaluation (CRE)

In order to access the Ortho Share 3D software for practice purposes, we ask that you click on the link below and complete the end user agreement as requested.  Once this has been completed, you will be sent a link along with a username and password so that you may access the software yourself.  If you run into any issues during this process, please call (423) 475-6914.


Software Agreement Link

Ortho Share 3D - Online

*Once you access the software detailed functionality instructions may be found by clicking on the HELP button (?)


Instructional Videos (Board Centered Scores for Sample Case E)

Full Continuous Video:

Ortho Share 3D - Online Tutorial 

Individual Video Sections (from video above):

Introduction / Alignments and Rotations
Marginal Ridges
Buccolingual Inclination
Occlusal Relationship
Root Angulation

Instructional Materials

ABO Model Analysis / Landmark Locations

ABO CR-Eval PowerPoint Demonstration

ABO Morphological Locations

ABO CR-Eval Parameters