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Clinical Exam Updates



The American Board of Orthodontics is proud to announce a change to the current certification process.  Following extensive research and collaboration, the ABO identified the need to improve our testing methodology to assess clinical proficiency and critical thinking skills to ensure that each certified orthodontist has developed exceptional expertise and is capable of providing the highest level of patient care.  Therefore, beginning in 2019, the ABO will offer a Scenario-based Oral Clinical Examination.


The Certification Renewal Examination requirements will be updated in 2017 in order to allow options which each encourage lifelong learning and continued self-evaluation. The exam may be taken within two (2) years prior to the expiration date printed on Time-Limited board certified orthodontist’s certificates.  


Examinees that are required to re-take the Board Case Oral Exam (BCOE) portion of the Clinical Examination may now do so online.  Travel to St. Louis will no longer be required to fulfill this component. The exam will generally follow the same format as the in-person BCOE but will be done on a conference call and live  Join.me session.  The examinee will be given control of the computer and will be able to review the case for the first 20 minutes.  At this time the examinee may formulate their notes on the Examinee Worksheet that will be provided to them prior to the start of the exam.  After case review is complete, the examiners will ask a series of questions relating to the case.