2020 Updated Written Exam Process

The 2020 ABO Written Examination will be conducted through Live Online-Proctored Testing Administration on June 5-6, 2020 with Scantron/Examity.




This has been an unusual year, with unexpected challenges.   At the ABO, we did our best to work around those challenges by administering the June 5-6, 2020 written examination as a live, online-proctored examination.  We understand that some examinees experienced difficulties with the examination administration process.  We are looking into these issues, and we welcome your feedback. 


For this written examination only, we will accept requests for an Examination Process Review up to 7 days following receipt of the examination results, which will be sent by email on or before July 3.  We will also waive our customary $500 examination process review fee.  Our Examination Process Review policy can be found at: https://www.americanboardortho.com/about-abo/about-us/policies/examination-process-review/  Please note, a request for an Examination Process Review must be based on an irregularity in administering or conducting the examination – not on examination content.   


What you need to know prior to taking the 2020 Written Examination:

Live online-proctoring through Scantron / Examity allows candidates to complete the examination from their own computer via an internet connection at a time and place of their choosing within the testing administration window. Testing sessions will be available over a two day period.  The testing period will still be 5 hours, but the exam will be broken into two sections allowing for a scheduled break in the middle. 


The Written Examination will still follow the same Examination Specifications with 240 multiple-choice questions on subject areas outlined by CODA divided into 4 modules.  The 2020 Written Exam Reading List still applies as a list of references as a source of knowledge in preparing for the 2020 ABO Written Examination.


What does this process look like?


What are the technical system requirements that I will have to be able to meet in order to complete a secure Live-Online Proctored Test Administration through Scantron/Examity?


How do I take a Sample Test with Scantron/Examity and review the Testing Instructions?


What is included in the Examination Admission Requirements, General Rules and Exam Statements set fourth by the ABO, Scantron, and Examity that I will be required to review and attest to before being able to start the 2020 ABO Written Examination?


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