The information below addresses the most common questions received about the 2020 Live-Online Proctored Written Exam.



I’m concerned that my home internet connection will not work for the online proctored format. How do I check the system requirements?

Please click here to check Scantron/Examity system requirements.


I’m uncomfortable giving Scantron/Examity access to my computer. Is online proctoring secure?

Yes, this is a secure testing platform. It is necessary for proctors to take control of the computer so that they may log the candidate in to the exam.  They will not access any other function of the computer that is not directly related to the security of the exam.  Please click here to review the Examity privacy policy.


I will not be able to get five hours by myself in a quiet room to be able to take the exam. What can I do?    

If you are unable to make arrangements for a quiet testing environment for the 2020 exam dates, you are able to transfer to the 2021 exam without penalty.


Will I be able to take a break during the examination period?

Breaks are typically not permitted for LOP exams with shorter time periods.  However, the ABO has chosen to allow an optional scheduled break due to the length of the 5 hour exam.  Unscheduled breaks will not be permitted during this time period. 


When the exam begins, a timer will be set for 5 hours.  Part 1 of the Exam is made up of Modules 1-3.  Once Part 1 is completed and submitted, examinees have the option to take a ten minute break.  The time is stopped during this break period.  Once the examinee returns, Part 2 (Module 4) of the exam will begin and the timer will start again and the remaining time from Part 1 will carry over.  Examinees will not have access to any questions from Part 1 after the scheduled break.


Since I am no longer going to a testing center, is the test less expensive? 

The fee for the 2020 written exam remains at $1,140. Although examinees are no longer going to a testing center, there are still the same developmental, psychometric and administrative costs to run the exam.


For test administration, can candidates use scratch paper?

Unfortunately, candidates will not be able to use scratch paper or dry erase boards to take notes during the exam for security purposes.


What are some of the security measures in place for the LOP exam?

Examity will take several security measures with each examinee including a candidate ID check at the beginning of the exam, a room scan, login procedures, observation during test administration, video and audio recording of the testing session, monitoring of the candidate’s computer during test administration, ability for the proctor to communicate with candidates if the proctor needs to correct improper behavior, ability to stop the examination if the candidate does not correct improper behavior.


Due to closures, I have not been able to get an updated Government ID.  Will I still be able to take the exam?

The ABO requires examinees to provide a non-expired government issued photo id prior to taking the Written Examination.  Through June 30, 2020, the ABO will also be accepting IDs from candidates that have expired March 1 - June 30, 2020.    


When will ABO Written Exam Results be delivered?

You will receive your results from the ABO via email within a 4 week period after the completion of the examination.