Advocates and Educators

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The ABO works very hard to create and administer a reliable, valid, fair examination.  Collaboration with Orthodontic Educators and residency programs play a crucial part in this process.


In an effort to increase this interactive collaboration, The ABO and the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics (CDABO) have developed the Advocacy Program. While the ABO Directors attempt to visit each orthodontic residency program at least once every three years, more can and should be done to guide and encourage residents to pursue board certification. The Advocate and Educator's local presence is the cornerstone to a successful Advocacy Program.


Advocates and Educators, your ongoing support of the ABO is appreciated and we welcome your contributions to the written examination. If you have multiple choice questions that would be appropriate and challenging for a future exam, or would like information about submitting a case for the written exam, please contact Jaime Pendill, Written Examination Coordinator, at Please note that all questions submitted for consideration must include a reference to a journal article or textbook. 


We are honored and privileged to have such dedicated Advocates and Educators partnering with the ABO to encourage Board Certification.