Become an Advocate



You can make a difference.  Become an ABO Advocate and help advance and ensure the future of our specialty by educating and encouraging residents to achieve board certification.


We know orthodontic residents are the future of our specialty and together with The College, we would like to partner with you to ensure their success and dedication to board certification.  We want to protect our specialty and believe this can be done by elevating the level of patient care. 


Did you know…  

  • 80% of residents plan to achieve board certification*
  • Residents who begin the process during their program are 75% more likely to complete the certification process
  • 65% of non-board certified orthodontists considered and/or began certification, but never completed the process*
  • 75% of non-board certified orthodontist would still consider certification today*

Statistics reinforce the idea that certification is often “planned,” but not achieved or completed.   Help more residents achieve this pinnacle of their education and be prepared for a successful career in orthodontics. 


Advocate Responsibilities:

  •  Partner with a specific accredited orthodontic program
  •  Present ABO-provided information to residents 
  •  Develop relationships with residents and understand their questions or how you can help them through the process
  •  Work closely with the Program Director to offer new suggestions and opportunities to educate residents about board certification

How to get started:

Contact The College today at to apply to join this volunteer program.