It Takes A Specialist FAQs

Do all orthodontists have access to the video?

Only Board Certified orthodontists have been granted access to the video.  While its purpose is to educate the general public, we see this as an added value offering by the ABO for board certified orthodontists only.  Please contact the ABO at if you are aware of a non-board certified orthodontist using the video. 


How do I download the video?

Log into your ABO dashboard to access the video in multiple places:

  • Under Quick Links on the right-hand side of the web page
  • Under the Resources tab in the Educational Toolkit – Complimentary downloads section
  • Direct link at the bottom of the Resources section

Can I use the video in my practice – for any purpose?

Yes, please utilize the video in your practice as much as possible to educate your patients and the general public – in your lobby, in consult visits, in follow up emails to patients, etc.


Can I post the video on my website?

Yes, we encourage you to post the video on your website home page and/or on the page where you explain what it means to be board certified.


If I use a third party for my in-office streaming and lobby services, can they access the video?

They cannot access it directly from your ABO account, but you can download it and then provide the file to them via Dropbox or another file-sharing tool.


Can I share the video on my social channels?  Any of them?

Yes, you can share it on any (and all) of your social channels.


Do I need to notify the ABO if I’m using the specialty video outside my office for any sort of advertising?

You are not required to communicate this, but we would be interested to hear how you are using the video so that we can have a sense of the breadth of use and potential reach in specific markets. If you would like to share your plans, please email us the details at


What will the ABO do with the video?

We are working to expand to an overall campaign plan, and have already posted it on our Facebook page, and will do so again.  We are also sharing it with various constituencies for their regular updates when appropriate.  We will feature the video on our website, include in ABO communications and plan to share it at the AAO Annual Session in June.


Does the ABO plan to offer any other materials to go with this video? 

Yes, we are working on a full campaign around “It Takes a Specialist” and will make materials available later in Q1 2021.  We are open to suggestions and ideas.  If you have a specific request please email us at We may also do a short survey to get input on what specific needs you have to help support your practice and the specialty.