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Examiner Application Process

ABO Clinical Examination Examiner Application Process

The ABO is always interested in adding new examiners to our pool of potential Clinical Examination examiners. To be considered, the following requirements are necessary:

  • Board certified orthodontist in good standing with the ABO.
  • At least two years since your ABO Initial Certification and at least five years since graduation from your Orthodontics program
  • Involved in direct patient care and/or serve as clinical faculty in an accredited orthodontic program at least one day per week.
  • Demonstrate contemporary knowledge of orthodontics.
  • Comfortable with the utilization of technology.
  • Familiar with the Clinical Examination criteria.
  • No conflicts of interest or self-promoting motives.
  • Able to respect and maintain confidentiality.
  • Commit to the following:
    • Participation during Clinical Examinations
    • Examination preparation projects assigned as needed
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, professionalism, and flexible approach.
  • Able to be impartial, objective and consistent in approach.
  • Able to work as part of a team.
  • Experience with tutoring or examining preferred.
  • Submission of your current CV (MUST be limited to 5 or fewer pages)
  • Submission of three references

If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact the ABO Director representing your constituency.