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Vendor Policy

1. The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) remains unaffiliated with any commercial enterprise and does not endorse any specific products or treatment techniques. The ABO requires that all vendors, advertisers or commercial enterprises refrain from any implication that the ABO endorses the commercial enterprise's products or services. The sole instance in which a vendor may mention the ABO's name in association with their marketing is listed in Item #2 below.

2. Any commercial enterprise may offer a product or service intended to aid the examinee in completing ABO examinations. The ABO does not endorse, nor guarantee or warrant, any product's performance or compatibility with ABO standards. The commercial enterprise may accompany its offer with the following statement:

"This product has been developed using current standards for examinations of The American Board of Orthodontics as published at"

3. The ABO maintains a Public Relations Committee which is responsible for dissemination of information within the public arena. This privilege is unintended for any other parties of individuals, including vendors with whom the ABO is associated. Any unapproved public statement allying the ABO with a particular commercial enterprise will be considered in violation with the ABO's Vendor Policy.

4. The ABO provides the global opportunity for any company to demonstrate products or services that may facilitate ABO testing policies and data collection processes. These instruments would be field-tested by the ABO for efficacy, and results of such trials may offer the vendor valuable product information for future research and development.