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Photo & Radiograph Example

Radiograph Requirements

  • Print digital radiographs on photo glossy paper
  • Provide diagnostic quality radiographs in grayscale for each level of evaluation, A, A1 and B. 
  • All radiographs should be of the same dpi and scale.( 8-bit grayscale scanned radiographic  JPEG images with medium compression recommended with appropriate cropping and rotation)
  • Examinees with direct capture digital x-ray machines should retain the native resolution of their system. (example: if your digital panoramic machine captures an 8-bit grayscale, 500x1200 pixel image, retain image in this way)
  • The name of the doctor, practice or school should not be visible on any record.
  • Affix an ABO record identification label to all hard copy records.

Periapical, Bitewing and Panoramic Radiograph Requirements

  • If a panoramic radiograph is submitted, periapical and bitewing radiographs of the maxillary and mandibular incisors are highly recommended.
  • If a full-mouth series of periapical and bitewing radiographs are submitted, no panoramic radiograph is required. Submit as a composite image as appropriate.
  • Supplemental radiographs should be included in the case presentation when diagnostically appropriate. Submit as composite images as appropriate.
  • Appropriate diagnostic information is recommended for skeletal asymmetry cases.
  • All records must be oriented correctly with right and left sides clearly marked.
  • Conform to requirements discussed under Periodontal Documentation.