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Mail-In (CRE) Submission Procedure

If you will be submitting an entirely new case (or cases) by mail to complete the criteria for your examination, you must assemble a traditional notebook presentation.  Physical models (stone, plaster, or 3D printed stereolithic) are required for each level of evaluation and must meet the requirements outlined (starting on pg. 10) in ABO Digital Model Requirements.  Digital Models (.PLY, .STL, .OBJ, etc.) are no longer accepted by the ABO.

Include in shipment:

  • Notebook(s)
  • Two Printed Case Report Work Files per case
  • Physical Models

Please mail to:

401 N. Lindbergh Blvd, Ste. 300
St. Louis, MO 63141

If you are an orthodontic educator presenting resident cases, further affidavit is required.  See Affidavit for Educator Supervised Cases for details.  Complete the affidavit and email or mail to the central office with your case(s).

There will be no oral examination, however, the ABO examiners reserve the right to contact you for any needed elaboration concerning the presented case(s).

Case Report Examination (CRE)

*Manual Cast Radiograph Evaluation method required for all mail-in cases

A comprehensive evaluation of case records and reports for patients treated by the examinee. The Board's decision to evaluate an individual case as Complete or Incomplete is based upon multiple factors. Record quality and the ability to finish a case are important, but they are not the only aspects that are considered in the evaluation. Case management, a sound understanding of diagnosis, treatment planning and mechanotherapy are equally important.

High scores on individual segments, or combinations of individual segments, may cause a case to become Incomplete. The following are required for a case to be Complete:

  • 27 or less for C-R Eval
  • 7 or less for CMF; and
  • DI and case criteria are met